News for Members

26/3/2021 – Edict of Nantes Lunch

Message from Dennis Dyer, via Neil Renaud. This is a reminder that the Edict of Nantes Celebration lunch will be held at 12.00 noon Friday 9 April.  The location is:

Le Bouchon Restaurant, 104 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest NSW 2065. This is opposite Holterman Street.

They offer a three course meal for $65.00.  They are licensed or we can have BYO.

New members are most welcome and it is also a good opportunity to meet other members.

Please RSVP Judith Staveley by 2 April if you will be attending in order that she may advise the restaurant of the numbers.  Please contact her by e-mail at

19/2/2021 – A New Tapestry – Special Offer

Message from Dennis Dyer, via Neil Renaud. At our recent Committee meeting it was decided to offer “A New Tapestry: Australian Huguenot Families” book to members at a discounted cost of $25 including postage within Australia, a saving of $25 on the advertised cost. ‘ A New Tapestry: Australian Huguenot Families’ tells the stories of 30 Huguenot (French Protestant) families and covers the full range of history, from the 17th to the 21st centuries, concentrating on the lives of Huguenot-descended men & women in Australia, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. They range from well-known Australians (Cazaly, Perdriau) to many lesser-known pioneers.

This is a good opportunity to obtain a copy if you don’t have one or would like to give a copy to a family member or friend.  If you wish to purchase a copy or more, advise Robert Nash at e-mail  If you wish to send a copy overseas, he will advise the cost of postage.

14/1/2021 – New Book by Robert Nash

Message from Neil Renaud. Robert Nash, our Secretary, has recently edited and published a book on Huguenots in the Channel Islands – A Directory of Huguenot Refugees on the Channel Islands, 1548-1825 (Huguenot Society Quarto Series 63). It has just been released by the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland and can be purchased from that Society. The link to the order form below has a blurb which explains what the book is about.

Microsoft Word – Quarto LXIII Order form.docx (

14/12/2020 – Proposed Programme for 2021

Message from Neil Renaud. Below is our proposed programme of activities for 2021, subject to any “COVID-19” issues.

HUGUENOT SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA INC.                        National Program 2021


NSW (Sydney) Chapter:                     Gordon Baptist Church Hall, Park Avenue Gordon.

VIC (Melbourne) Chapter:                   Church Hall, St John the Beloved, 91 Carroll Crescent, Glen Iris, Melbourne. Opposite Gardiner Railway Station.  

QLD (Brisbane) Chapter:                    Toowong Library Meeting Room – 9 Sherwood Rd, Toowong

Canberra                                             HAGSOC Education Room, 41 Templeton St, Cook, ACT.

NSW (Sydney) Chapter Meetings & Activities.  Meetings commence at 2. 00 pm
Saturday 13th Feb.‘The Huguenots of the West End’ by Mr Robert Nash plus Q & A
Friday 9th April.Edict of Nantes lunch.  ‘Le Bouchon’, 104 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, NSW 2065. Contact Judith Staveley, email
Saturday 8th May.AGM & ‘Marshal Frederick Schomberg, Huguenot Ally of William of Orange’ By Dr Matthew Glozier
Sunday 20th June.Huguenot Heritage Church Service at St Swithun’s, Pymble , 2pm
Saturday 14th August‘Huguenots of the West Indies’ by Mr Robert Wilson
Thursday 16th SeptemberSpring Picnic at Coal loader, Waverton 12PM
Saturday 13th November‘Marnus Labuschagne and his Huguenot Ancestry’ by Mr Neil Renaud
VIC (Melbourne) Chapter Meetings & Activities    Meetings commence at 2:00 pm (AGM at 1.30 pm) 
Saturday 20th March  ‘Charles La Trobe. First Lt-Governor of Victoria’ by Dr Marcia Cameron
Saturday 3rd July‘Le Chambon sur Lignon. A proud Huguenot History and Righteous among Nations’ by Dennis Dyer
Friday 22nd October  Huguenot Lunch – Malvernvale Hotel, Malvern 12 noon: contact Sue à Beckett (see below)
Saturday  23rd OctoberAGM & ‘Huguenots of the West End, Soho and Westminster’ by Mr Robert Nash
QLD (Brisbane) Chapter Meetings & Activities.  Meetings commence at 2:00 pm
Sunday 28th MarchTo be advised
Sunday 25th July‘Huguenots of the West End, Soho and Westminster’ by Mr Robert Nash 
Sunday 28th  NovemberTo be advised
CanberraHAGSOC Education Room, 41 Templeton St, Cook, ACT.
To be advised 
For moreRobertNashSydney(02)9519
informationSueA’ BeckettMelbourne(03)9804

Please note: Members are welcome at any Chapter meeting in any state.

Huguenot Society of Australia Inc                   Email address:

PO Box 184, Newtown, NSW 2042….Web Site:

5/12/2020 – End of Year News for Members

Message from Neil Renaud. We’ve come to the end of a difficult year, difficult for obvious reasons. The latest Huguenot Times (number 36, Spring/November 2020) has just come out. Great reading – the depth of research by Roger Juchau, Robert Nash, Bob Wilson and June Torcasio shows just how dedicated our people are. Thank you so much to our editor Robert Nash. Robert has also forwarded, via our Membership Secretary Dennis, the latest monthly reprinted article for members. It is a 2015 article from Huguenot Times written by Dennis Dyer, on Andre Chamson, a leading 20th century French Protestant.

Members will note that membership renewals for 2021 are due at the end of this month (December). We look forward to your prompt renewal. No change to the annual fee – $40 for individuals and $55 for joint membership. A membership application/renewal form, if needed, has been forwarded to members, along with our proposed programme for 2021 and our latest members’ research interests list. All of this will be updated on this web site shortly. Merry Christmas.

4/11/2020 – What can you share with fellow HSA members?

Message from Neil Renaud. Back in May, we invited our HSA members to contribute towards the “News” section of our website, by supplying information about their own personal Huguenot research, requesting help with that research, or simply asking questions of general Huguenot interest. Other members, reading these posts, might then be able to comment, or supply additional information. We had a few great responses at the time, but since then, these contributions have dried up.

So we’re appealing to you again. Do you have some research you’d like to tell us about? Do you need some suggestions about how to make progress? We can put it on the “News” tab in the “members only” section of our website (i.e. only HSA members will see this, not the general public), to share with other members, giving them the opportunity to perhaps offer comments or advice. If you’ve got something to share, just submit your message to Bob Wilson at, or 405/93 Brompton Road, Kensington, NSW 2033, and we will place it on our website. A good way to keep communication going during these “Covid-19” times.

31/10/2020 – Latest Article for Members

Message from Neil Renaud. The latest reprinted article from a previous issue of Huguenot Times was sent to HSA members today, and it’s another great one from Robert Nash – The Huguenots of Scotland. Were there Huguenot connections to Scotland, you might ask? Yes, and you can read this fascinating article to discover the connections, including Scottish communities in France!

22/10/2020 – Upcoming Events and Annual General Meeting

Message from Neil Renaud, on behalf of the Committee. At a Committee meeting held via Zoom on 14th October some important decisions were made. The next meeting/presentation , on Saturday 14th November (starting 2.00pm), will not be held face-to-face. It will be held via Zoom only. Invitations to this Zoom meeting will soon be sent out by email to all HSA members. For those not familiar with Zoom, it is not that difficult – you just need to have a reasonably up-to-date computer with Internet access, download the Zoom software, and “accept” the invitation which comes to you via email. We can help you if necessary. We hope that as many of you as possible can participate, particularly our interstate members.

The presentation will be The Huguenots of Ireland, delivered by Robert Nash. As an added bonus, we will have a Question and Answer segment, whereby questions of general Huguenot interest, submitted in advance by members, will be researched and answered by our esteemed Robert Nash. Not to be missed.

The other big decision was that our 2020 Annual General Meeting will not be held this year, due to the COVID-19 issues, and will instead be deferred till May 2021, making the 2021 AGM in effect a “double” AGM covering two years. Our Committee membership and office bearers will remain in place till then. We believe this accords with NSW Fair Trading guidelines.

22/10/2020 – Latest Articles for Members (October)

Message from Neil Renaud. Earlier this month the latest articles for the interest of members were sent out by Dennis Dyer. There were two articles, both on the St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre of 1572 – one by Dan Graves and the other by Dr Matthew Glozier (from Huguenot Times, no. 6, November 2005). The events of that day and subsequent days reignited the religious wars in France, which continued for another 26 years, until the Edict of Nantes (1598). The articles are fascinating, but horrifying.

2/9/2020 – Latest Article for Members

Message from Neil Renaud/Robert Nash/Dennis Dyer. Members are advised that the latest article from a previous issue of Huguenot Times has just been emailed/sent. It’s another great one – “Where there’s a will …”, by Robert Nash. It was published in Huguenot Times no. 11 (May 2008), pp. 6-9. The article is based on Quarto Series no. 60 – Huguenot Wills & Administrations in England and Ireland, 1617-1849, by Henry Wagner. After it was published Dorothy North made a large index not only of the testators (people making wills) but also of all the people mentioned in the wills, and this index was also published by the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland. We have both volumes in our HSA library. All the names from the index are on the CD-ROM we produced in 2015, the Huguenot Surname Index, available from our Society via this website. Paid-up members of the HSA can email Robert Nash to request a quick look-up of a particular name.

11/8/2020 – Meeting/Presentation Held Last Saturday Via Zoom

Message from Neil Renaud. Our first meeting/presentation since February was successfully held last Saturday afternoon (8th February) using Zoom technology. 22 people signed in to attend. The presentation by Marcia Cameron was entitled The Reverend Dr Everard Digges la Touche: martyr or headstrong fool? It was successfully videorecorded and is now on this members only page. A few small issues with the recording have been identified, and will be rectified/improved for next time. If anyone tried to sign in to the meeting but could not, you might like to let us know what happened, so we can assist with any issues. Perhaps we can think about future uses for this technology.

3/8/2020 – Latest Article for Members Sent

Message from Dennis Dyer via Neil Renaud. The latest monthly article for members from a previous issue of Huguenot Times has been sent – The Huguenots of South Africa, by Dr Mike Du Plessis and Robert Nash (from Huguenot Times, (no. 10, November 2007). Hopefully you’ve all received it. While not a huge number of Huguenots ended up in South Africa, their contribution there seems to have been significant.

24/7/2020 – “Zoom” Presentation (8th August) Details

Message from Neil Renaud on behalf of Dennis Dyer. As a follow-up to the post of 17/7/2020 (below) regarding the meeting/presentation on 8th August, details of how to participate by Zoom are as follow. Any HSA member, no matter where you reside, may participate. You can connect using one of three methods: (1) using Zoom on any computer/laptop etc. which has a microphone and camera; (2) using Zoom on your smartphone; (3) using a landline phone via dial-in to the Zoom meeting, enabling you to listen and talk, but not see. If you wish to participate, please advise Marcia Cameron (President and Zoom meeting host) – email: Only the first 100 applications to participate can be accepted. When you apply, please give your email address, which Marcia will need to use on the meeting day. Applicants will receive more instructions closer to the meeting (8th August).

17/7/2020 – Q and A Session for November Meeting

Message from Neil Renaud on behalf of the Committee. We anticipate that, all going well, our meeting scheduled for Saturday 14 November will be a “normal” meeting held at Gordon Baptist Church. We are keen to make this a celebratory occasion, and to this end a “Q and A” session will be included, with our Secretary Robert Nash in the chair to provide the answers and facilitate any discussion. Committee member Judith Staveley will co-ordinate this and is requesting members to forward Huguenot-related questions to her. It doesn’t matter if you can’t attend this meeting, just send in your question to be answered – by email to, or post to A1 Miri Court, St Ives NSW 2075. To make this interesting for all, questions should be about the Huguenots and their history, and not about individual family and research, unless it relates to some important aspect of Huguenot history. This meeting will also be our Annual General Meeting.

17/7/2020 – Meeting/Presentation on 8th August Now via Zoom

Message from Neil Renaud on behalf of the Committee. Due to continuing COVID-19 issues, the Committee has decided not to proceed with the face-to-face meeting/presentation on 8th August. Instead, we are pleased to say that this meeting/presentation will now be held online using Zoom technology. Information on how to participate in the meeting, including viewing the presentation The Enigmatic Reverend Digges La Touche (to be delivered by Marcia Cameron), will be forwarded to HSA members shortly. For those unable to participate via Zoom, the videorecording of the presentation will be placed on the “members only” section of this website in the usual way. From a technical point-of view this is an exciting initiative and we hope it all works!