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Convicts, goldminers, wealthy squatters, Governors of colonies, farmers, teachers and clergymen: their ancestors were religious refugees, but they came to Australia as migrants.

Our society’s second book, ‘A New Tapestry: Australian Huguenot Families’ tells the stories of 30 Huguenot (French Protestant) families and covers the full range of history, from the 17th to the 21st centuries, concentrating on the lives of Huguenot-descended men & women in Australia, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. They range from well-known Australians (Cazaly, Perdriau) to many lesser-known pioneers.

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HUGUENOT SURNAME INDEX CD-ROM (temporarily unavailable till further supplies received – September 2021)

A Master-Index to the Quarto Series of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

How often have you wondered, ‘Is that name a Huguenot name?’ Now the answer is easier to find. This new CD-ROM is a name-index to all 61 volumes of primary records (the Quarto Series) of Huguenots in England and Ireland, published by the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

These volumes include all the surviving Huguenot church registers for England and Ireland, as well as a host of other material, including some wills, apprenticeship records for the Weavers’ Company, church records, and charity records. This master index has over 200,000 entries.

It can be used on its own to identify Huguenot names, or as a companion to the volumes of the Quarto Series (primary records) which are held in many libraries and family history society collections.

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THE HIDDEN THREAD: Huguenot Families in Australia

This softback illustrated publication includes a list of almost 500 known Huguenot families who are represented in our country, along with their places of origin (where known), their first country of refuge, the dates of their arrival in Australia, and sources of information that verify their identity. The book also contains a wealth of other information:

  • Introductory chapters explaining who the Huguenots were
  • Chapters on individual families representing all six states (The Belletts of Tasmania; The Barniers of New South Wales; The Lansells of Victoria; The Jonquays of Queensland; The Ferrys of South Australia; and the Lefroys of Western Australia.)
  • A section on eminent Huguenot Australians
  • Maps showing the provinces of France and places of origin of Huguenot families
  • A full bibliography with suggestions for further reading
  • A full index

This is the very first book ever published on the subject of Huguenot descendants in Australia, and will prove useful, not only to individual researchers, but also as a vital reference work for family history societies and their members.

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