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Huguenot Times

Since the Huguenot Society of Australia started in 2003 it has published its journal, Huguenot Times, twice yearly. This has now grown to an impressive body of work about the Huguenots, since it publishes the text of the talks given at our meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as a host of articles of Huguenot interest. These include articles on historical events and people, family histories, accounts of trips to Huguenot reunions and many articles to assist people doing genealogical research. We are often asked for back issues, especially of those most useful to family history research (e.g.#4 and #9).

Here is a list of the different issues and what they contain:

Number 1 (May 2003) Irish Huguenots/Cork Huguenot Cemetery/Barnier family

Number 2 (November 2003) Huguenot Soldiering Conference/Huguenots in Uniform- the Australian Story/George Singler Le Beau/Phyllis Boissier/Saint family

Number 3 (May 2004) Huguenot International Reunion in Cevennes/Languedoc & the Cevennes/Tower of Constance/Glozier family/Jean Cavalier & the Camisards

Number 4 (November 2004) Huguenot Genealogical Research/The Quarto Series & How do I use it ?/Chasing the Elusive Ferrys/Cavalier Research/Websites/Juchau family

Number 5 (May 2005) Huguenots in Germany/Augustine Soubeiran/Antoine Court de Gebelin/Ferdinand Meurant/Marmoy family/Jean Bellette

Number 6 (November 2005) Silkweavers of Spitalfields/St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre/Bosanquet family/Vial family/Lefroy portraits

Number 7 (May 2006) Destruction of Basly temple/Champion de Crespigny family/Research in Poitou/Roubel family/Bristol Huguenots

Number 8 (November 2006) Anglicanism or Non-conformity ?/James Thomas Morisset/Obituary: Cecile Ramsay-Sharp/Huguenot prayers/Chamier family/Origin of Huguenot name

Number 9 (May 2007) International Huguenot Reunion Dieppe/Pays de Caux in Normandy/Luneray/Bolbec/Montivilliers/Rouen/Obituary: Nick Vine Hall/Huguenot Resources from LDS Church Family History Library/Huguenot researchers/ Huguenot placenames in Australia/Faunce-De Laune family

Number 10 (November 2007) Huguenots of South Africa/Delancey family in New York/Beginnings of the French Reformation/Huguenot Freemasons/Quarto Series on cd-rom

Number 11 (May 2008) 16th century Huguenot Privateers/ Francis Trapaud/Huguenot Wills (Quarto Series #60)/Leman family/Huguenot Families in Australia Project/Huguenots and Photography

Number 12 (November 2008) Huguenots and the Battle of the Boyne/Jurieu, Bayle & the Rotterdam Consistory/Freret family/Rev. J.J.Majendie

Number 13 (May 2009) The Waldenses/Sir Harry Chauvel/De Boise Mystery/Joseph Garnault Vautier/Genealogy-Bridging the Gap

Number 14 (November 2009) Cork Huguenot Burial Ground/Given Names & Protestant Identity in 18th cent Paris/Marie Dentiere-Female Reformer/Poetry: Battle of Moncontour/Paviours/Swiss Huguenot Conundrum

Number 15 (May 2010) 2009 Huguenot Reunion/Geneva/John Calvin/Lyon 1562/Book Launch/Huguenots in Devon/Irish Research

Number 16 (November 2010) Huguenot Colony in Florida/Dion & Dot Boucicault/Robert family/Blignaut connection

Number 17 (May 2011) Australian Huguenot Tour of France (Part 1)/Huguenot Society of Australia Library/Charles Gross

Number 18 (November 2011) Charles Chauvel/Australian Huguenot Tour of France (Part 2)/Australian Huguenot History Conference/Gustavus Arabin/Chabot family/Royal Wedding

Number 19 (May 2012) The French Hospital/National Huguenot Centre Appeal/David Garrick/Canberra Visit/John Rondeau

Number 20 (November 2012) Huguenot Galley Slaves/Charles Duppuy/Admiral Bosanquet/Shakespeare’s Landlord/Assemblee du Desert

Number 21 (May 2013) Mary Ammonet & Elizabeth Azire/Huguenot Music/Godfrey Cass/Brandenburg-Prussia

Number 22 (November 2013) Prophecy and Firewalking/2012 International Huguenot Reunion/Antoine Court/Pastor Marc Boegner

Number 23 (May 2014) Juchau research in Poitou/Huguenots in 18th cent. Paris/Rouen/Huguenot Surname Index

Number 24 (November 2014) Huguenot-Australian ANZACS 1914-1918/James Delahoy/William Sydney Duchesne/Abjurations in Poitou/Jaques Fontaine

Number 25 (May 2015) André Chamson/Gallipoli 1915-2015/Valloton Scandal/DNA in Family History/Lost in London/My Visit to Poitou

Number 26 (November 2015) The Huguenot Kitchen/Charles Chauvel/Olivier de Serres’ Tree/A Visit to Pau/A New Tapestry (book)

Number 27 (May 2016) 6th International Huguenot Conference, London/2015 International Huguenot Reunion/Jean & Gabriel Le Roux/Huguenots of Scotland/Thorpe-le-Soken.

Number 28 (November 2016) London Apprenticeships/Isaac Le Pipre Barrow/John Theophilus Desaguliers/Vitou family.

Number 29 (May 2017) Lisburn Huguenots (Northern Ireland)/Huguenot Attacks on France/Paul Couvret/Caroline Luard/Rapin de Thoyras.

Number 30 (November 2017) Social Relations & Networks of Huguenot Refugees/Renaud Family from Germany/Researching Poitou/Cazaly the Legend (book).

Number 31 (May 2018) Huguenots and the Hanoverian Succession/Lewis Blondeau & Denise Gougeon/Reformation Conference/Congress 2018.

Number 32 (November 2018) Guillaume Richard & the First Fleet/Robin Gwynn’s ‘The Huguenots in Later Stuart England‘, Vol.1/Lebatteur family.

Number 33 (May 2019) Charles La Trobe/German Huguenot Research/Sally Lunn of Bath.

Number 34 (November 2019) Huguenots in the Channel Islands/Calvinists of Hungary.

Number 35 (May 2020) Challenges to Empires: A Walloon Family (de Hénin/Dehany) during the Reshaping of Societies/ Osmond Gilles: Colonial Treasurer (SA) & Business Man.

Number 36 (November 2020) Tom Juchau, Heavyweight Boxing Champion/Lt. Edward Riou/Daubuz family/German Uckermark research/James Dede.

Number 37 (May 2021) Huguenots of Soho & the West End/Brethé family/Hesse-Cassel/Grave of Osmond Gilles/Irish Land Deeds.

Number 38 (November 2021) Huguenots in the French West Indies / South Africa – the New Promised Land (Part 1) / Refugees in the Modern World / Dame Joan Sutherland and “Les Huguenots”.

Number 39 (May 2022) South Africa – the New Promised Land (Part 2) / Huguenots in the Dutch and Danish West Indies / Cecile Ramsay Sharp / Pastor Jean Rivierre.

Number 40 (November 2022) Weapons of the Spirit (Pastor Trocme & Le Chambon) / Huguenots in the British West Indies / A Visit to South Carolina / Refugee Support Initiative.

Back issues are available in hard copy ($7 each) or as pdf files, sent as email attachments ($5 each). If you would like to purchase some back issues of Huguenot Times, please write to us at the address below, stating clearly which issues you would like and whether in hard copy or as pdf file, and enclose a cheque for the relevant amount. If pdf file, please also email us (to confirm your email address).

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