Research Resources Supplied by Members and Presenters

Websites and Bibliographies for Specific Topics in Huguenot Research

Our members and presenters over recent years have conducted research into many interesting topics. Here you will find links to the websites and other resources they have used. If you’ve done research and would like to add the resources you’ve used to this list, please let us know (email Neil Renaud:

Researching Huguenot Family History in Germany – February 2020 (Neil Renaud) Click Here

Huguenots in the West Indies – August 2021 (Bob Wilson) Click Here

Researching Huguenot Family History in South Africa – April 2023 (Dot Brownrigg) Click Here

Huguenot Research in the Channel Islands – April 2023 (Robert Nash) Click Here

Online Access to the Quarto Series of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland (including the Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London) – April 2023 (Pamela Summers) Click Here

The Huguenots of Ireland – November 2020 (Robert Nash) Click Here

The Huguenot Ancestry of the Family of Marnus Labuschagne – November 2021 (Neil Renaud) Click Here